Dr. Sara Duvall


Futurist Educator Candidate

The Future of Libraries

the Future of Education

the Future of Access to Information

the Future of Leadership

the Future of Science and Innovation

and Youth Voice

are her particular interests.

Personal statement: Libraries and their place in a vibrant democracy are central to my concept of cohesive community. I am well versed in the role of a trustee on a public board and have put myself forward to serve Ann Arbor by contributing to the ongoing success of our public library system.

  • I hold a degree in Library Science and began as a school librarian right out of college.

  • Extensive travels and a winding road lead me to a career as an executive producer in the film industry (Fried Green Tomatoes), which honed my skills in business and finance.

  • After Hollywood I assisted start-up companies as a business consultant: wrote business plans, lead strategic planning and financial analysis, advised companies in second-stage growth planning.

  • I became interested in public education and earning a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership; my dissertation on School Board/Superintendent relationships effect on student achievement won a national prize from the American Association of School Administrators.

  • I worked with the Ann Arbor Public Schools to conceive and write their first strategic technology plan, which was successfully funded through a milage proposal.

  • I was a member of the district team that designed Skyline High School and I served as the District Chair for Secondary School Libraries. I led a two-year strategic planning process with the 34 school librarians, which envisioned the future of school libraries at AAPS.

  • I am an active participant in the American Library Association Center for the Future of Libraries and the American Association of School Librarians - editing an edition of their journal on "The Future of School Libraries."

  • The U.S.State Department granted me a Fulbright/Nehru Senior Fellowship to study the future of libraries in India.

  • Now, I am putting myself forward to serve Ann Arbor as a library board trustee.

In the current political climate it seems all the more important that our community library remain strong and be vocal in support of democracy, privacy and open access to information. It is important that our library leads the way by providing planning, facilities and services that focus on the future needs of our community.

I ask you to vote for me on 8th November

so that I may contribute to the future of Ann Arbor District Library.


Dr. Duvall brings to the office of AADL Board Trustee

Creative and strategic thinking:

sets goals, overcomes obstacles

through broad collaboration


Big picture and strategic planning


Experience in fiscal management and

sound business practices


Comprehends the role and duties

of a publicly elected board trustee


Engages with and captures the imaginations of community organizations

and other stakeholders

with a vision of the possible future


Inspires ownership in stated goals, team effort, and a sense of excitement and success

throughout the organization and the community


Experience leading dynamic Strategic Planning processes


Harvard trained: Program on Change Management

Harvard trained: Program on International Negotiation


Gallup StrengthsFinder themes:

Strategic, Ideation, Relator, Analytical and Significance